Drinkable Jelly

Are you ready to unlock the potential of your drinkable jellies and captivate your customers with an unparalleled taste experience? At Gujarat Food Web Pvt Ltd we are thrilled to introduce our innovative KreAmaze DB 805 a blend of carrageenan and other hydrocolloids specially developed for drinkable jellies/jelly shakes.

This blend is meticulously designed to redefine your drinkable jelly formulations and deliver an extraordinary experience to your customers. This solution offers multiple advantages, including enhanced texture, stability, clarity, and flavour in drinkable jellies.

Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Texture Enhancement: smooth, creamy, and consistent texture providing a delightful mouthfeel.
  • Improved Stability: Maintains the homogeneity of the product throughout its shelf life.
  • Clarity and Transparency: Making the product visually appealing and more attractive to consumers.
  • Flavour Intensification: Allows the true essence of the ingredients to shine through; creating a more memorable taste experience.
kreamaze stabilizer and emulsifier system
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