Research and Development Department

Our state of art laboratories and pilot facility enable us to develop robust processes and tailor-made ingredients with the functional and nutritional properties demanded by our patrons. Our specialists stay at the forefront of emerging customer needs and bring advanced solutions as well as knowledge to you. We assist our patrons in creating value by our deep understanding of both product ingredients and production processes which empower us to render the soundest application and technical service support. At Gujarat Food Web, we explore and carry out pioneering research focused on Dairy, Bakery, Ice-cream, and Culinary domains, and this research is at the core of our development objectives. Our research and development professionals can work with you through all stages of product development and will provide you with a winning product.



The specialists at our application center develop functional stabilizer and emulsifier blends for various types of dairy products such as Flavored milk, Milkshake, Greek yogurt, Thermised yogurt, Buttermilk, Lassi and other dairy products. With our fully equipped UHT pilot plant and Lab Scale Steriliser to develop prototype application samples of all dairy products to expand our business. We constantly strive to create new formulations and also offer excellent technical support to assist our patrons in the best possible manner. Our application center well versed with advanced technology enable us to give the high-grade quality control, physical, chemical and microbial analysis of the end product.  When it comes to finding new solutions, optimizing formulations and working on improving tailored blends for the specific end application, we take it as a great opportunity and surpass the expectations of our patrons.



Our specialists work on the innovation of functional stabilizer and emulsifier blends for achieving better functioning and quality along with cost efficiency. Instead of rendering you with a generalized solution, we develop and offer a technical solution as per the customer’s specific application. We develop stabilizer and emulsifier blends for the different type of Ice-cream products such as frozen desserts, Ice lollies, kulfi, etc. With our fully equipped application lab and small scale pilot plant solely dedicated for Ice-cream, we conduct trials and evaluate the efficiency of the developed blends of emulsifier and stabilizer system. Our research and development benefit us in enhancing the product in close coordination with our patrons, and we also deliver tailored blends for specific application requirement to meet our patrons’ demands.


Gujarat Food Web excels in rendering exclusive ingredient solutions for bakery products. With our well-appointed Research and development set up for Bakery, we add value to our existing products and tailored ingredients. We continuously work on our specialty ingredient blends and generate new range bakery solutions to give our patrons products that can win the market. Our emerging range of solutions for bread, cakes, cookies, biscuits, pastries, wafers, crackers and other bakery products assist our customers in getting the best quality. We address all of our client’s challenges through our research and development facilities. We proffer specialty ingredients for all your bakery needs. We aim always to stay ahead of the curve through our innovative solutions and research ability to accomplish the requirement of the industry.


Our Research and Development team work to provide you with the highly functional and exclusive solution through our tailored ingredients for water and milk-based jellies. We add value through ingredients in existing products and tailor-made thickener, hydrocolloid blends to enhance the jelly characteristics such as gel, strength, transparency, toughness, water retention, etc. Our strength is to add significance in existing products and services to industries.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality is what we aspire at the core of our culture, which is why our quality control team makes sure that our every ingredient meets the quality requirements of our patrons. Our regulatory, quality and safety team collaborate to create components and products that our customers can trust.

Our Specialists adhere to the modern rules and regulations to assure that the product meets the requirements. We stringently follow quality control standards defined by FSSAI, and we also ensure that every step of our ingredient and product formulation process is scrutinized. We are certified by FSSAI and Halal for our quality and manufacturing standards.