Relish the gift from heaven that comes in different flavors. Gujarat Food Web offers a range of emulsifiers and stabilizer for the milkshake. The process of making a perfect milkshake requires to determine the right combination emulsifier and stabilizer. Our emulsifier and stabilizer system for milkshake improves the mouthfeel, texture, foam stability and overrun in the shaken product. With the state of art pilot plant, we test your products on priority and render you the optimum solution. We also assist you in solving technical problems and in developing products that meet the customer’s expectations. Our production facilities are advanced, cost-effective, and our quality products are the result of our finest ingredients.

Our process determines the blending of the right mixture of emulsifier and stabilizer from our wide range of emulsifier and stabilizer system for the milkshake.

Our ideal emulsifier and stabilizer blends raise the

  • Stability of the foam
  • The flavor and taste
  • Shelf-life
  • Viscosity
  • Nutritional demands
  • Aeration properties for desirable overrun

Whatever your demands to improve your milkshake our research and development team assist you in the best manner because of their in-depth know-how of the industry.

Working with our team of specialists you can get the desired mouth-feel, stability and creaminess through our best combination of emulsifier and stabilizers for the milkshakes. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements with your milkshake products.

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