Dairy Whipping Cream

Life can be so much better with whipped cream on top. We admit this and to make your every experience count; Gujarat Food Web proffers an extensive range emulsifier and stabilizer for dairy whipping cream. Our stabilized whipping cream with cream cheese can achieve the desired mouth-feel you crave to render your consumers. The stabilizers used in dairy whipping cream by our food specialists extends the shelf life of the cream without compromising the taste and also controls the rate of emulsion breakdown of the cream. We also provide application expert services in our application center for dairy products to assist you in addressing challenges or taking advantage of the new market opportunities. We are amongst the top dairy whipping cream manufacturers in India, and strive to help our patrons attain their goals.

Gujarat Food Web has many years of experience in this area, we have assisted our patron in producing the best emulsifier and stabilizer they needed.

Our emulsifier and stabilizer system optimize

  • Overrun of the cream
  • Maintains the firmness
  • Influence the foam stability
  • Enhances the aftertaste

Our products are adapted to fulfill the customer needs for enhanced whipping properties. We also render expert application service at our specific dairy application center to address your product challenges and to take you the new market possibilities.

Our stabilizers and emulsifier system are used to extend the shelf-life of whipped cream by also preventing free liquid being released and the breakdown of the structure of whipped cream.

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