UHT Non-dairy Whipping Cream

UHT Non Dairy Whipping cream is a premium quality whipping cream used for icing and decoration of Cakes and Pastries. This product gives better stability to bakery and beverage icing and has good volume.

non dairy whipping cream

KreAmaze stabilizer and emulsifier system is a blend of hydrocolloids & emulsifiers specially developed for UHT Non-dairy whipping cream.

Noteworthy advantages of using our blends:

  • Versatile and easy to Use
  • Excellent for Sharp edges
  • Highly Stable upon Whipping
  • Excellent volume and smooth finish
  • Contains Sugar

Key benefits of the KreAmaze blend:

  • Imparts dryness
  • Improve the foam stiffness and stability
  • Excellent foam structure stability against variant temperature
  • Higher overrun with excellent control in air incorporation
  • Good Shape retention ability
kreamaze stabilizer and emulsifier system
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