Say yes to the freshest yoghurts ever! We are your innovation partner in offering the best emulsifier and stabilizer for yoghurt. Gujarat Food Web offers assistance to help you optimize the texture, mouth-feel, shelf life, viscosity and water retention capacity in yoghurts. Our team of experts develops products according to your requirements in our fully equipped and advanced application centre.

Using our stabilizing systems for yoghurt, you can achieve smoothness, creamy texture and good stability according to the consumer demands. If you are seeking a partner for your custom product development solutions along with a friendly atmosphere, then our specialists are a perfect fit for you.

Our R&D team has extensive experience in the development of the most excellent Greek-style yoghurt. We deliver your product with the best characteristics and qualities your consumers crave for. Whether you require solutions for high-protein, low-fat, or any other type of yoghurt, we can help you.

The stabilizer and emulsifier system we produce optimizes the:

  • Stability
  • Thickness
  • Rich creaminess
  • Reduced Syneresis
  • Mouthfeel

We know how to put our know-how to help thrive your business. We don’t merely offer you the best emulsifiers and stabilizer blends. We also render you the best services at our fully equipped innovation excellence centre to help you achieve your desired product goals.

We offer you tailor-made solutions to fortify your products and make you stand out in the market by providing outstanding experiences to the consumers.

kreamaze stabilizer and emulsifier system
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