Relish our thick, savory, and yummy Lassi and buttermilk. Our sweet, rich in taste and brimming with nutrition lassi/buttermilk is the result of the effort made by our team of young, energetic, technical professionals to provide you with high-quality products. The stabilizers for lassi and buttermilk we use helps in retaining and improving its texture, mouthfeel, thickness, viscosity, aftertaste, shelf life and also prevent sedimentation. At Gujarat food web, we just don’t sell solutions we assist you in making the product that can stand out and loved by your consumers. We don’t just provide you with the solution, we work with you to accomplish all your requirements and product aspiration until you adore the final product.

Consumers are now more driven towards developing healthy eating habits, and that is often hard to put in this busy lifestyle, but lassi and other dairy beverages provide the desired on-the-go nutrients.

With our years of experience and expertise, you get high-grade ingredients such as emulsifiers and stabilizers that can help you attain the right solution. Our emulsifier and stabilizer system provides perfect texture, stability levels, enhanced mouthfeel, and shelf life to the lassi.

What are the benefits you get by using Emulsifier and Stabilizers?

  • Good solubility
  • Perfect viscosity
  • Mouthfeel and flavor

The functions of emulsifier and stabilizer:

  • Prevent precipitation
  • Gives great thickening
  • Brings out great taste
  • Improve creaminess
  • Enhance the shelf life of the product
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