Reconstituted Milk (RCM)/Reconstituted Flavoured Milk (RCFM)

The beauty of reconstituted milk lies in its convenience. It’s easy to store, easy to use, and offers an extended shelf life, meaning you can have fresh milk readily available whenever you need it.

At Gujarat Food Web, we are proud to offer you a taste of dairy perfection with our Stabilizer and Emulsifier blends. We believe in delivering milk that’s not merely good but of exceptional quality. Say hello to a new era of milk that combines convenience, quality, and great taste.

Key benefits of our Stabilizer and Emulsifier blend:

  • Improves fat-water emulsion
  • Prevents frothing during mixing
  • Provides stability at high temperatures.
  • Gives a more desirable viscosity and a rich mouthfeel
kreamaze stabilizer and emulsifier system
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