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Regular and Premium Ice Cream

Why Choose Us: Tailored KreAmaze Solutions: We firmly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our single product, KreAmaze Stabilizer & Emulsifier, is designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Cost Optimization: We understand the need to achieve a balance between product quality and production costs. Our single solution, KreAmaze Stabilizer & Emulsifier,… Read more »

Innovito Cheese Premix

There are four types of premixes available: Instant Cheesy Sauce Premix Creamy Cheesy Spread Premix Processed Block Cheesy Premix Pizza Type Cheesy Premix By choosing our premix products, you gain several advantages, including: Simplified production: Just add fat/oil and water to the premix. Quick, easy, and convenient manufacturing. Consistency in taste and quality. Cost reduction… Read more »

Innovito Milkshake Premix

The technical aspects of the premix formulation have been carefully considered to ensure the highest quality and consistent taste. The research and development team has conducted extensive trials to optimize the ingredient proportions and achieve the desired texture and flavor profile. Advanced blending techniques are employed to create a homogenous mixture that can be easily… Read more »

Reconstituted Milk (RCM)/Reconstituted Flavoured Milk (RCFM)

Key benefits of our Stabilizer and Emulsifier blend: Improves fat-water emulsion Prevents frothing during mixing Provides stability at high temperatures. Gives a more desirable viscosity and a rich mouthfeel

UHT Non-dairy Cooking Cream

Functionality: Provides a stable emulsion that facilitates long shelf-life stability of the cooking cream. Increases the heat stability of the milk proteins during the processing of the cooking cream. Creates a very smooth and creamy consistency. Increases the heat and acid stability of the finished cream when used in cooking. Flexible recipe composition. Cold and… Read more »

Pourable Custard

Key benefits of the KreAmaze blend: Increases Viscosity & mouthfeel Gives better stability at high temperature Enhances flavour release Produces thick, viscous and smoother texture Dosage Level

Dairy Cooking Cream

Key benefits of using our stabilizer and emulsifier blend: Gives a more desirable viscosity and rich mouthfeel Provides stability at high temperature Improves fat/water emulsion

Whey Drink

Nutritional Benefits: Nutritional advantages of whey-based drinks, such as supporting muscle recovery, weight management, and overall health. Key benefits of the KreAmaze blend: Good Body & texture Enhance mouth feel Avoids phase separation Improves product stability

Fruit Juice Drinks

KreAmaze FJD 214 N1 is a carefully formulated blend of hydrocolloids, selected to provide unique functional benefits to fruit juice drinks, including: Improved Texture: ensuring a smooth and pleasant mouthfeel. Enhanced Stability: Say goodbye to unwanted separation. maintain the stability of your beverages. Viscosity Control: control the viscosity or thickness of the juice, allowing for… Read more »

Drinkable Jelly

Here are some of the key advantages: Texture Enhancement: smooth, creamy, and consistent texture providing a delightful mouthfeel. Improved Stability: Maintains the homogeneity of the product throughout its shelf life. Clarity and Transparency: Making the product visually appealing and more attractive to consumers. Flavour Intensification: Allows the true essence of the ingredients to shine through;… Read more »