Cheese Sauce and Dips

Our cheese sauce is favorite of our patrons as their consumers of all ages relish to use it in dips and as toppings for appetizers. The emulsifier and stabilizer systems for sauce used by our professionals intensify the cream cheese texture, mouth-feel, aftertaste, and water retaining capability. We combine operational excellence with tailored solutions to make the best cheese sauce and dips you desire. At Gujarat Food Web, we understand that quality needs to be considered throughout the formulation and manufacturing process that’s why our quality assurance team and Research & Development teams work hand-in-hand from beginning to the end. Our reliability allows you to meet the industry trends and give your consumers what they want in terms of quality products with taste and wellness.

Savor the finger-licking delicious sauces

Our stabilizer or emulsifier solutions for appetizers provide enormous benefits to the products such as

  • Gives you great heat stability
  • Excellent mouth-feel and taste
  • Flexible viscosity and texture
  • Pleasant texture and rich mouth-feel
  • Protein stabilization

Dips require to manage the soft texture and gelling properties. Also, water can be released depending on the conditions and type of garnish added which cause thinning by the time. We can help you in solving all these issues through our types of emulsifiers and stabilizers in fulfilling consumer demands. We have the expertise to help you create dips and sauces for success in the marketplace.

We can work with you hand-in-hand to find effectively use secondary stabilizers to maintain the thickness and texture. Talk to us and know more about our process flow and how we can help you bring your product to market.

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